This piece is designed to give artists, designers, camp architects, engineers, builders any creative person on playa the encouragement to release whatever you are ready to let go, so that we can create and experience a shared purge

The Tomb of the Unknown Unfinished Playa Art Project is a catharsis catalyst, a bonfire of the vainglorious, the self indulgent and the sanctimonious, a place to let go of old ambitions and make room for the new, amongst friends, known and unknown, each of us receiving a mutual benediction from all of our spent emotion, exhaustion, sunken cost and psychic energy being freed into oblivion

Art can be a precious waste of time... destroy it wisely

What is left when a creation isn’t finished, and never will be?

Why can’t the destruction of cast offs and incomplete works even those intentionally so be just as much a celebration of their existence as their fully formed brothers and sisters?  Let’s take those leftovers and albatrosses, all the stupid things we’ve forgotten or lost track of, left for dead in attics, storage spaces or behind the garage,

burn the motherfuckers already

Bring your relic or half finished concept, your piece that has perhaps existed on playa previously but whose evolution is no longer viable and existence no longer necessary, your sketches or written descriptions of choreography, performance pieces, unused camp layouts, or ideas never started – any unfinished work that expresses the innate life, joy, disappointment, resentment and/or love that is the creation of art for the playa

and we will torch it all at 1am after the Man burn

For more information, including facilitating

your needs, please contact


aka Bill Gilman  •  •  323-428-0913

and together, in defiance of shame or regret,